RecommendationsShockwave Therpay Machine
with ED functions Shock Wave Fields of application ·Physiotherapy ·Orthopedics ·Sports injuries ·Aesthetic medicine
Recommendations808nm/755nm/1064nm diode laser hair removal
Color:purple/blue/white Functions: hair removal+skin rejuvenation Features: 1. handles shots:20000000 shots guarantee one year 2.8 kinds of Languages 3.Man/Women Different skin type Parameter setings 4. 755nm/1064nm/808nm 3 wavelength in one handle 5.755nm aim at smaller hair removal 1064nm aim at black skin hair removal
Recommendations3D Hifu Machine
1.3D hifu 2.face lift & wrinkel removal & body shaping 3.3.0mm+4.5mm 4. 1~11lines adjustable
RecommendationsND Yag Laser/OEM
1.532nm,1064nm,carbon peel heads 2.remove tattoo,eyebrow, freckle,mole 3:skin rebirth,carbon peel
RecommendationsCryolipolysis Slimming Machine
1.two cryolipolysis handle can work at same time 2:big handle size:18*6cm 3:cavitation:40KG 4: RF:5MHZ 5:6 lipolaser pads:100W
RecommendationsFractional Microneedle RF
1.Non-surgical Face Lifting 2.Wrinkle Reduction 3.Skin Tightening 4.Skin Rejuvenation (Whitening) 5.Pore Reduction 6.Acne Scars 7.Scars
RecommendationsMagic Mirror Skin Analysis
Magic Mirror Skin Analysis